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Order, Liberty and Chaos are controlling the minds of all those living in Calandhor, a continent placed in the medieval world of Athor. Welcome to Crevice!
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 Asking Lumiar about Tythos

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Asking Lumiar about Tythos Empty
PostSubject: Asking Lumiar about Tythos   Asking Lumiar about Tythos EmptyMon Oct 21, 2019 6:37 pm

It's the year 132 after the great Surge put great parts of Calandhor under water. I watched a young woman called Marta walking around the streets talking to people about their beliefs in Tythos. She met a ronan lad called Beron:

M(artha): "Pardon me, kind sir! Do you have time to answer a few questions for me?"
B(eron): "I'm in a hurry, my master Barthak is waiting for me."
M: "Your master?"
B: "You didn't hear about Barthak, one of the greatest blacksmiths in Lumiar?"
M: "Forgive my ignorance, kind sir. I'm just visiting Lumiar for a few days."
B: "Apart from that, you don't look like you would receive the services of a blacksmith regularly."

Beron grinned friendly. Martha was a nun of a small monastery in Ashgarden, dressed in a blue Habit, a dress covering her whole body from her neck to her feet. At the height of her chest, the symbol of the Order of the Eye was engraved in black: The holy eye of Tythos surrounded by a hash. Together with her peaceful, friendly face, really no one would think that she went to a blacksmith from time to time.
Martha warmly smiled back, hiding the fact that she felt a little bit offended from the superstitious statement of Beron.

M: "So, if I could just ask a few quick questions, would that be acceptable for you and your master?"
B: "I'm not sure of my master, but a short break of the hard work sounds fine to me."
M: "Maybe you already thought that I'm going to ask it: What do you think about Tythos?"
B: "If a nun asks you something, it's mostly concerning religion, isn't it? Look, I hope I don't offend you with this but I don't see anything good about Tythos himself. All my life, I was told that I should watch what to do, because the great Tythos is watching all my deeds and will judge me based on them. I first started worrying about my own life and tried to live without sins, just to avoid Tythos sending me to the depths of Cathak and never looking at me again, meaning I'd be a lost soul. Then I realized that my family and friends also need to be rightful, or else they will suffer the pain of Cathak, which made me feel even more unconfortable. So, everything Tythos has given to me is the fear from his ever-watching eye, and I have to admit that I have enough of it."
M: "I'm sorry to hear that, did your family practice any rituals concerning Tythos?"
B: "Oh, believe me they did. Overwhelmingly long prayers before and after every meal, my parents forcing me to attend the mass every Utai, not to to mention the great masses at Lortai every second month, though I have to admit that the food after the great masses is quite delicious."
M: "Oh it is, indeed. We once had a discussion if the "Tythons' Repast", as our cuvator called the meal, should be neglected because of the high costs, but the argument that only half of the people would attend the mass without it was pretty convincing."
B: "I can imagine that."
Beron smiled. Martha didn't even try to convince him and seemed to have a certain kind of humor too, which was much more than he expected from this conversation.
M: "Did your parents spend Libra to the Church of the Eye?"
B: "They did, after every sermon they put 10 Libra into the basket of the Servant of Charity walking through all bank rows of the church, which is a lot more than other people would give as you surely know."
M: "Which church did you visit?"
B: "Mostly the Parletarium in the east of the Silverwing District. It might be of interest for you that the name derives from the holy Parletar, as I heard more than once from my father and cuvators praying there."
M: "Yes I heard of him. He was one of the ancient saints, living in Rhalgard back in the Starfall Era. But that's all I know, too."

All at once, Beron's name was called from a few meters away. It was Olivia.

O: "Beron! Why in Tythos' name are you not back at the smithy? Oh, you think talking to a nun will be an excuse for letting Barthak wait for the charchoal supply, don't you?"
B: "You heard her, Martha. I really have to go now."
M: "Of course, what would a smith do without charchoal? Then just let me wish you good luck for your path as a blacksmith, and may Tythos show you his love, so you can love him again, too."

Beron nodded at her, uncertain how to react to the unexpected blessing, and turned around to Olivia. Martha heard Olivia asking Beron:

O: "Since when are you so obsessed with Tythos that you feel the need to talk with a nun?"
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Asking Lumiar about Tythos
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