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Order, Liberty and Chaos are controlling the minds of all those living in Calandhor, a continent placed in the medieval world of Athor. Welcome to Crevice!
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 Zhor and the Isles

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Zhor and the Isles Empty
PostSubject: Zhor and the Isles   Zhor and the Isles EmptyThu Oct 31, 2019 6:44 am

From Arion Tylis, written in 125 Surge

Dear reader,

are you bored from having solid ground under your feet? Are you ready for a dangerous adventure to tell all your companions how brave you were? Why not buy a boat and equipment from the "Silver Ferry"in Ashgarden, the best distributor of first class trading fleets, warships and boats for the daring adventurer?

But where should I go, I hear you ask? My first answer to this: Wherever you want, with the right preparation and a good portion of luck, you'll be able to catch far distances, you might even explore isles and continents that are not yet discovered! But if you're an adventurer in need of an aim, let me tell you about a few mysterious isles in the south of Calandhor called the Zhorani*, the "rocky islands".

You might have heard about the Flame Fort, the naval base of the imperials. Maybe you also heard about the great battle against the pirate captain Itakar? There are rumors about a treasure, borrowed by the infamous seafarer, somewhere around the Flame Fort, but no one has found close hints until yet...
Then there's the Isle of Graves west of the Flame Fort. I can just tell you what I've heard, but the isle is told to be mottled by graves, living up to its name, and ghosts and undeads of drowned seamen are told to be wandering around there, so you better not enjoy the beauty of this island unarmored.
There are a few other small isles that don't bear an own name, but of course there's also the great isle of Zhor, which is a treasure trove for the inclined adventurer, because there still weren't many explorers on the great isle. Abandoned villages, ancient constructions and peculiar forests expect you on the trip to the place where Antrach people presumably researched many of their fascinating machines.

Did this arouse your curiosity? Then don't hesitate, head to the "Silver Ferry", and we'll find an agreement that suits both your needs and your purse!

* If you're interested in the Antrach society, you might want to read this as a bit of knowledge: Zhorani was formerly called "Zhor Arani", while "Zhor" meant "rock" in Aarit, the language of the ancient Antrach civilization. "Arani" was the plural of "Aran", the island, which in turn derives from "An" describing land or the earth. It also appears in the name of their species, where "An Trach" describes an "inhabitant of land". The most viable explanation for this these days is that people in Calandhor, especially in the regions of Atalon and Kemvir, wandered around as nomads in the times this name was invented, reaching back to the Era of Legends. The Antrach seemed to be the first ones to settle down permanently, and enthralled more and more people with this idea.
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Zhor and the Isles
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