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Order, Liberty and Chaos are controlling the minds of all those living in Calandhor, a continent placed in the medieval world of Athor. Welcome to Crevice!
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 What we know about Athor

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What we know about Athor Empty
PostSubject: What we know about Athor   What we know about Athor EmptySun Oct 27, 2019 4:09 pm

From Myrak Tendrell, written in 13 Surge in Lumiar


One can loose many words if it comes to the topic of what are the borders of the world, when time began and which gods influenced everything that we are able to sense by the day. But it seems there is a quite widespread term that is known by all known intelligent races: Athor. The word was used in many different variations and for many different areas, but all share a common meaning: Athor was always the whole, everything that was really there, anything that was commonly accepted to exist. Every tree, every house, every mortal and sometimes even every god, were told to exist inside of Athor. In fact, there never was an "outside" of Athor, because there couldn't be something outside of it.

I collected many knowledge from the Archive of Tindrall, an amazing library which holds books from all known eras. I also got supported by the Scholars of Tindrall there, mainly in interpreting the various sources that I gathered in their archive. Nevertheless, this is not meant to be a completely correct historical work but a summary of my thoughts about Athor, which may help preserving the knowledge of the ancient eras and give an overview to those who don't have the time or nerves for investigating the whole Archive for information.

In 601 Legends, Athor was first mentioned by a goblin clan leader called Tarnak Urak in a speech to his clan. The speech must have been so important, that it was passed by word of mouth (the goblins never learned to write until this day) over centuries, and it was an Antrach historian in the 4th century of Starfall that wrote down the known parts of the speech, which still seemed to be holy words for the goblins in this time (translated to Human Tongue as best as possible):

"His [Tarnak himself] voice is clear and loud, because he has to tell you the words in his head: Urak is fire, Urak is wind, Urak is water, Urak is athor! [...] Tarnak is protection from the beast, the lies, the nor. Near him! Near him! Help him see, borders of athor! [...] Nor rewards the good, the brave! Nor punishes the traitor, the weak! We all must leave athor one day. But ka mun will shine on us forever."

Because we're pretty sure these days, that the Urak clan never left Calandhor, it's likely that Tarnak just referred to this continent when talking about Athor. It's also interesting, that Tarnak didn't see Camun as a part of Athor, or at least not only being available for Athor, but also for the goblin afterlife.
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What we know about Athor
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