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Order, Liberty and Chaos are controlling the minds of all those living in Calandhor, a continent placed in the medieval world of Athor. Welcome to Crevice!
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 Tythos and Lyria

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PostSubject: Tythos and Lyria   Tythos and Lyria EmptyWed Oct 23, 2019 7:14 am

From a vision of arch-priest Rhal in 123 Starfall
Kronstedt, capital of the Radvorian Empire, Radvoria (later called Rhalgard)

The word I bring to you is not from me, but from a voice speaking into my ear since day zero. It's not the truth, but nearly endless wisdom, too much for me to bear at times. But it brings messages of hope, messages that I wish to share with you. Tythos lets me see through his eye.

It was late afternoon. I saw a man looking off into the distance. His face looked lost in thoughts and determined at the same time. I couldn't identify where we were, I never saw a region like this before.
Giant trees grew around us, bigger than any trees that I saw before. To the right from the man, a small sea was surrounded by high eelgrass, and I heard frogs croaking inside of it.
The ground was covered by a well saturated green grass, mottled with violets, thistles and little daisies. If this was a dream, it was a special one, because I even felt a gentle breeze blowing around my cheeks. Fog lay in the air.
It had to be around Asein or Seican, because leafs already started falling down of the grand trees, which rounded down the idyllic scenery.

The man looked over the lake to a forest made out of the big trees, and neither of us noticed a girl approaching from behind us.

"What bothers you, my love?"

The man hadn't turned around for a few seconds, before he responded:

"I sensed another war in the skies. The Ka'naari, En'Slaar and Mentyra armies allied under the banner of chaos, guided by the Insane Spirit. They provoked many lost souls on their way, turning them into mercenaries for their lord. Just before a few minutes, a brigade of angels was striked down by Lorthak, overly proud head of the greatest Mentyra organization in the near dimensions. And the fighting continues... I'm still asking this one question, Lyria: Why? Why they're not seeing clearer?"

Lyria strode a few steps towards the man, until she was able to put her right hand on his shoulder.

"They need someone to follow, Tythos. There seems to be no one with more influence and power projection than the Insane."

Tythos' hands formed to fists when he answered:

"The pure evilness of the Spirit is as repulsive as the fact that I'm still trapped in this helpless form of existence. The enemy is growing stronger while I must sleep, eat and move one feet before another to travel this world. Even the sweetest souls of Athor are presumably mocking me for this miserable condition of mine..."

"Calm yourself, my dear. I bring good news from the Maplysten experiment. My powers are already high enough to keep a squirrel hydrated over multiple hours."

"What about the soul travel?"

"It would devastate more than this dimension if it worked at all, and besides I still don't think that it's really possible what we're trying to achieve there."

"It must be possible!"

Tythos turned his head upwards. I followed his eyes and it was at this moment that I noticed the sky looking completely different to everything I had seen before in my long life. I got the impression that it didn't matter how far something was away from us, it was still visible for me. Thus, the sky was like a fascinating, complex picture of ever-changing, flowing, oscillating bodies of different colors, forms and substances, ranging from big moon-like objects, reminding me of Camun, to masses of tiny shining dots forming a glowing carpet in the sky.
Still watching the skies, Tythos changed the topic:

"Haven't seen Loran for a few days now. Is he plotting something?"

"What should he possibly plot?", Lyria asked a little bit confused and unbelieving.

"Why else should he not return telling us how his third missionary went off? Isn't this important enough to tell?"

"He may be scared of returning bad news to you. He may be trying to appear strong by fulfilling the mission, even if this means finishing the mission to a later time. But there's no reason for thinking about treason."

"I certainly hope so...What I would give to constantly my friends as well as my enemies..."

Suddenly, my sights gets blurry, just to sharpen again, sitting on a chair in a small wooden hut.

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Tythos and Lyria
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