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Crevice Lore

Order, Liberty and Chaos are controlling the minds of all those living in Calandhor, a continent placed in the medieval world of Athor. Welcome to Crevice!
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 Welcome to Crevice Lore

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PostSubject: Welcome to Crevice Lore   Welcome to Crevice Lore EmptyMon Oct 21, 2019 2:22 am

Hello, traveller of the internet!

Before you start browsing the forum, let me tell you a bit of what this is all about. Since 2017, a few guys from Munich calling themselves "Scopegoat Interactive" started to develop a game called "Crevice". It was (and still is) about to be a role-playing game in a medieval fantasy world largely driven by its constantly growing lore.
If at first there was just our hero Taron Firetongue travelling around a few cities, villages and other interesting places in Calandhor to fulfill his destiny, there are now multiple continents like Rhalgard or Kirintao, political structures like the Church of the Eye, different races like Goblins and Ronans, abstract phenomenons like the Void or the Geomantic Web and so much more which evolved and still evolves in the minds of the Creators.

Oh, talking about Creators: You are a Creator now, just because you started thinking about Athor, the sum of all things present in the lore of Crevice. Maybe you already were a Creator for quite a time, because you followed us on our social media before. Either way, I want to give you a warm welcome to our community of Creators, no matter if you're just interested in our lore or what other Creators are doing here, or if you want to contribute to the lore yourself.

Travelling in time to the Skyfire Era, I close this post with the words I heard from Esran Tarlander, founder of Mountaingrass: "Never loose hope!"
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Welcome to Crevice Lore
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