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Order, Liberty and Chaos are controlling the minds of all those living in Calandhor, a continent placed in the medieval world of Athor. Welcome to Crevice!
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 Cirra's Curse

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PostSubject: Cirra's Curse   Cirra's Curse EmptyThu Jan 30, 2020 8:24 pm

530 Starfall, in the deserts of Yrincor. I can see a female Cirrani high mage locked up in a tiny prison covered with a magical barrier, surrounded by nothing but sand and a tall humanoid reptilian.

Mage(laughing): "Oh really, they won't even show themselves? They send you to punish me, tiny lizard?"

Reptilian: "Listen carefully, arch-mage Kassandra, fourth of your line. I am Torin Shur, a dragon knight and one of the last Ximulai who haven't lost their mind in this disturbing times. I'm hereby giving you the chance to..."

Kassandra: "...say sorry or something? Listen, my dear Ximulai, I've got no time for your moralic phrases and wouldn't even be here anymore if I wasn't interested what your masters hide from me!"

Tarin: "Ah, the ignorance of your kind is remarkable. Believe me, I wouldn't want to be here either, but what you are planning is just disgusting!"

Kassandra: "You know nothing about my plans. I guess you don't even know why your masters search for me."

Tarin: "Oh, you're not more than the classical human scum to them, who tries to know what they know, use what they made, destroy what they created. I sometimes think that the Insane just created your kind for this purpose."

Kassandra: "I think the Insane just created dragon knights as a gift for my gloating. You're not more than slaves to the dragon and you know that."

Tarin: "The dragons! We serve the dragons, you got that right, unruly lady. At least we know our place, regardless how you may name it. But to the matter at hand:" [...]
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Cirra's Curse
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