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Order, Liberty and Chaos are controlling the minds of all those living in Calandhor, a continent placed in the medieval world of Athor. Welcome to Crevice!
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 Leara's Entry about Magic

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Leara's Entry about Magic Empty
PostSubject: Leara's Entry about Magic   Leara's Entry about Magic EmptyMon Nov 25, 2019 12:45 am

21 Creia 147, Mountaingrass

Magical Theory

Definition of Magic: Use of natural forces that aren't measurable, but can be clearly felt by many individuals, to transform matters in a desired way.
Demonstration: Goran showed us a trick where he made a chalk float up from his hand to the blackboard, where it wrote: "Written by Magics" and told us we didn't need to write this words down.
Exercise: Try to lift your pen 5 fingers up from your hand. (Note: I lifted it over 10 fingers, but there were many who didn't even move the pen. What's so hard about this?)

Magical Theory: Study of all known magics while considering if they are dangerous and need to be controlled, or can be cast without a worry from everyone. The following questions are dealt with:

- What spells are in this world?
- How can they be classified into categories?
- Which energies are used to perform the spells? (Goran admitted he wished to tell us more about magical energies, but doesn't know much for himself)
- Are there different ethnicities who are more trained/talented in performing certain spells?
- What dangers lie in a spell?

Magical theory doesn't deal with schools that are forbidden because Tythos isn't satisfied with them.

Good & Bad Magics:

It's important to know which magic is good and which isn't. Performing bad magic will make you a bad person, too, and might also get you in trouble with the law and people around you. The schools of Aeromancy (air magics like we did before) and Cryomancy (water and healing magics) can be used freely when they are properly learned and used for a good cause. (e.g. protecting and helping other people)

Good spells can:

- improve the health of yourself and others
- be used everywhere without harming someone
- make your life better, but no one else's life worse
- be cast by someone who is known to have learned that kind of spells (-> Cryomancers trained by the Order of the Eye)

Bad spells can:

- cause damage and devastation
- change your own life and lives of others to the worse

If someone is gifted with the talent of magic, he or she should get recruited by the Order of the Eye to get in control over his/her magical abilities. Uncontrolled magics can be a threat for everyone without a bad intention of the caster, defining it as bad magics.
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Leara's Entry about Magic
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