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Order, Liberty and Chaos are controlling the minds of all those living in Calandhor, a continent placed in the medieval world of Athor. Welcome to Crevice!
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 Dralnix and the Giants

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PostSubject: Dralnix and the Giants   Dralnix and the Giants EmptySun Nov 24, 2019 9:53 am

An old tale that presumably has its origins in Cirra, and was brought to Calandhor when the Cirrani held the region of Kemvir back in 485 Starfall.

There was once a time, when the earth was flat and life was simple. The villagers lived peaceful together, ploughing their acres, milking their cows, caring for their sheep like for their children. And they drunk together in the taverns, played games and laughed together until Lyenn - the sun - hid herself, and Mon - the moon - showed up. When Lyenn ascended again, the villagers would stand up early in the morning, because a day full of pleasant work on the farms, at the stables or in their huts awaited them. All villagers? No, not Dralnix, he slept as long as he wanted. Then he stood up from his bed and watched the villagers doing their work. One villager, named Garn, was chopping wood, when Dralnix asked him:

"Why are you so small that you have to chop the wood bit for bit?"

"Oh, not another of your annoying questions...", Garn replied while hitting his left hand against his forehead.

"But think about it, if you were bigger, you were also stronger, and you could break this wood of yours into pieces with your pure hands."

"Could break a bone of yours with my pure hands...", Garn snarled.

"You could even rip out the trees instead of chopping them from the ground!", Dralnix answered excited without recognizing Garn's insult.

"Why don't you just work like the other boys at your age?", Garn asks racked.

"Do you even listen? No one would need to work hard anymore... This seems to lead nowhere, I'm leaving!", Dralnix said embarrased and left Garn shaking his head in despair.

When Dralnix decided to take a walk outside of his village, he still thought about what he told Garn. Wouldn't it be great if he was right, if the villagers would be taller? Suddenly, the chaos whispered into his ear: Yes, it would. He felt power rising in his thin, skinny body, and wondered what would happen next, still thinking about his absurd ideas.
Then he closed his eyes and opened it again, to see a fascinating sight: All the villagers were grown as high as thirty trees with hands big enough they could hold their own huts in it.
When Dralnix saw, that the giant villagers weren't doing anything but standing around like statues, he asked himself: Wouldn't it be great if he could move the villagers? And the chaos answered again, as amused and excited as Dralnix himself, and let him control every step, every muscle, every movement of the giants. Dralnix' heart jumped up and down in joy when he made the giants rip multiple trees out of the forest with just a grab, and pulled up water from a sea with one hand to fill all water buckets in the village.
And as is heart jumped, the giants jumped around, too, making the earth shake. But as Dralnix made the earth quake, the other villages began to shake and the villagers feared for their lives.
So Dralnix thought: Wouldn't it be less pain for them, if they were giants, too? And the chaos laughed loud and hysterical about this idea, but saw Dralnix' wishes fulfilled a third time. As far as Dralnix could see, giants were standing everywhere, waiting for him to give them commands. Without a warning, Dralnix was overwhelmed by the immense possibilities and powers of the chaos, and fell to the ground unconscious. And the giants ran around without a controlling mind, falling over each other in hysteria and eventually turning to stone.

When Dralnix woke up, he returned back to his village, where everything seemed normal again. There, the villagers in their normal size stood together with open mouths looking around their village. And what they saw, they would call "mountain". All villagers? No, not Dralnix.
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Dralnix and the Giants
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