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 The divine periods

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The divine periods Empty
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Period of Null
There was once a lonely star, given the name Ty. Its light was trapped in the darkness, because Nox surrounded everything. But the star grew bigger and bigger, driven by a force that was Kha. Ty grew without time and rules, until it was great and strong enough to send light against Nox. Nox felt the power of Ty inside of itself and began to feel fear. The fear made Nox shake back and forth, making Ty loosing control over itself with every shake. Kha laughed joyful when Ty broke apart, to reunite and break again and again. With every break, Ty created a mirror of Nox, a new realm of nothing, and filled every nothing with seeds of itself. These were the world seeds, the holders of the light of existence. But Kha, the fault of all, was inside the world seeds, so the mirrors of Nox were mutated to mirrors of Kha, the Voids. And Kha learned to rule the Voids to bring his will into the new worlds. But Kha was not almighty anymore, because the first action of the world seeds wasn't Kha's idea, but part of Ty's plan: They used the Chaos to establish a new form of deed: Self-driven grow. Every world seed grew a world tree inmidst the Void. The trees threw a force inside of the world that stopped Kha in his might. Kha was hurt. His true madness unfolded, and he produced the hate, which he first sent to the world trees, then to the world seeds, and finally to Ty itself.
The trees began to grow life out of themselves, but Kha damned this life by introducing Cath, the death. The world seeds were punished by Kha with the introduction of time, so light wasn't a constant anymore, but had to travel through space for reaching a certain point. And thus began the period of Ath.

Period of Ath (~500.000-10.000 b. Legends)
The beginning of Cath mutated everything. In every world the magical force of Vogy spawned, accessible from everywhere, representing the energies of the Void used by Kha. Besides, there was Yegy flowing through the roots of the world tree, representing the magical force used by Ty. While the tree's roots grew larger over the time, fights started to emerge between the representatives of Kha and Ty on each world, the Voids and the World Seeds. This fights and the beginning of time were the reason for the worlds to divide the paths of destiny. One world was now different than the other, so names were made to separate them.
And Ty created a pure mirror of Cath that was influenced by Kha. And the mirror called itself Ath*, the life. Ty sent it to a world that was called Ath-Or, the orbit of life. Ath then named its world tree Ath-Or-Il, the keeper of the orbit of life. As he thought the name of Ath-Or-Il, purpose came into this world. Ath-Or-Il started to feel loyalty, the sense of duty and the reason of its existence. Kha, having lost control over his own mind and doings, performed the first spells of entropy which did everything to form the new and destroy the old out of the first material idea, the world tree Ath-Or-Il. Souls were created, mirroring the soul of Ath, and wood, branches, sprigs and leaves wandered around. Ath, the first living being, saw his opportunity to create and protect more life, and created the archbirds, birds made out of the wood of Ath-Or-Il and flying around it with leaves as their wings and without having eyes to see, ears to hear or mouths to taste. And it should happen again and again, that Kha and Ath would create new objects and life in this manner, acting as one, but not together. So they too created the floating ghosts, the angels, the demons, and the winged regol, which are now better known as the flimps. Each race started spreading and mutating over the next few thousand years.

Period of Ath Or Il
The chaos was continously threatening the existence of Ath Or, so the world tree was more and more consumed by fear of failing his purpose to guard this world. When Ath felt its fear, he [...]

*Ath is most likely the god that was also worshiped by the Antrach empire as "Ashak", since the Antrach myth speaks of similar events how Ashak was created
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The divine periods
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